Happy Chinese New Year from AJ Panda!

Ni Hao! Celebrate Chinese Adoption with Gifts!

If you are celebrating a Chinese adoption, gifts in the form of toys, dolls and Chinese jewelry are on your shopping list. AJ Panda wants to help you commemorate this special occasion by being your resource for children's Chinese gifts and Chinese culture, in general.

AJ Panda's roots stem from Chinese adoption. The founder adopted two little girls and started AJ Panda as a way to celebrate their heritage. We are passionate about celebrating Chinese culture. To make celebrating easier, we are making it simple to shop for Chinese adoption gifts, Chinese jewelry, dolls, and Chinese teapots. We want to provide you with quality products you will be happy to give as gifts. When you place an order with us, you will receive the highest level of customer service. Our staff is here to serve you. And you never know, you may learn a few things about Chinese culture while you shop.