Ten Lucky Chinese Characters

Many characters in Chinese are considered auspicious, or lucky. These top ten lucky characters can be used alone to bring good luck or combined with other characters to form a lucky sentence or thought.

Fu (good fortune)

1. Fu - blessing, good fortune or good luck.

Fu is one of the most popular characters used during Chinese New Year. It is often displayed upside down on the front door of a house or dwelling to signify that good luck came because the phrase "upside-down Fu" sounds virtually identical to the phrase "Good luck arrives."

Lu (prosperity)

2. Lu - prosperity or good fortune.

This used to mean an official's salary in China. Lu represents the ability to better one's self and receive great rewards.

Shou (longevity)

3. Shou - longevity or long life.

Shou can also symbolize birthdays or age.

Xi (happiness)

4. Xi - happiness.

Often this character is doubled, representing double happiness. This character is displayed prominently at Chinese weddings.

Cai (wealth)

5. Cai - wealth or money.

Chinese often say money can make a ghost turn a millstone. It is to say money really can do a lot of things.

He (harmony)

6. He - harmony or peace.

Being in harmony is an important part of Chinese culture. Having harmonious relationships with others will make your life easier and better.

Ai (love)

7. Ai - love or affection.

Ai means love or to love. It can be combined with Mianzi to form Aimianzi, which means to be concerned about one's saving face.

Mei (beautiful)

8. Mei - beautiful or pretty.

This character combines elements from sheep and a mature personĀ to mean a well-proportioned character, with a mild and sweet disposition. The Chinese have translated the first part of America as Mei and so Mei Guo means America.

Ji (lucky)

9. Ji - lucky, auspicious, or propitious.

Ji shows the Chinese hope that everything goes well.

De (virtue)

10. De - virtue or moral.

De means virtuous, having high morals, heart, mind, and kindness.

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